The Paris Wishlist



In about a month I will be desperately trying to decide what to pack on my three day trip to Paris. I bothered the boyfriend about it endlessly until he finally gave in and promised me we’d go on our one year anniversary. Long story short, I’m going to Paris!

Best part of Paris, or France in particular is the skin care. Brands and products that aren’t available anywhere outside of that country. I have a little shopping list ready in my phone, and I’ll be sure to drag Mike into numerous ‘pharmacies’ until I have them in my possession.

La Roche Posay Serozinc toner – praised by many of my favorite beauty bloggers, including the skincare guru Caroline Hirons, this toner is supposed to be soothing and cleansing. Dealing with minor irritations on the surface of the skin. I really want to find out if this is as fantastic as the bloggers claim it is.

Bioderma Créaline H2O micellar solution – I ran out of my last bottle quite a while ago, and even if the L’Oreal micellar solution came close to Bioderma, it is just not the same. I don’t use this stuff in my everyday routine any more, but it still is my go to product when I am way too tired to do a full cleanse. Don’t tell Caroline.

Another product I need to stock up on the Caudalie Eau de Beauté. This fragrant refreshing mist does a good job at giving my skin a boost of energy when it is looking a little sallow and tired. I trued a small 100ml version before, and I am ready to upgrade to a bigger version. 

Something else I want to try my hand at is a French brand that I was introduced to by Tijan Serena is Cattier. Apparently a budget skincare brand with some fabulous masks in their collection.

Last, but probably not really, as I'll be adding more as I prepare for our trip, is the Nuxe dry oil. Raved about by so many! This is a multipurpose oil that promises wonderful things. And my skin will never say no to a fabulously lush oil during the winter months. 

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