The Review: La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Legere


My skin is one that needs a lot of moisture because it is often on the dehydrated side of things. But if there is anything I hate more than dry dull skin it is going to bed with a sticky rich cream on my skin. I loved the La Roche Posay HydrĂ©ane Extra Riche because of its effect on my skin, but the consistency of the cream was keeping me from sleep. Taking up to an hour, sometimes even two, before it has completely sunk into my skin. 

That's where this new addition comes in. I have a pile of samples lying around and I tried the Hydraphase Intense Legere and fell in love on first swipe. The consistency is extremely light, almost a fluide and sinks into the skin incredibly fast. But at the same time it packs a great punch of moisture and makes sure I wake up with calmed, hydrated plump skin. 

This also comes in a version with added UV protection, so that is more suited for use during the day. But for now I am using this cream at night and it only takes about five minutes before I can go to sleep without any feeling of stickiness. 

Another good thing about this is the packaging. Sleek and sturdy in La Roche Posay's signature white and blue. And it comes with a pump, really handy because with the consistency being so thin, you could have a major mess on your hands if it came in a regular squeeze tube.

I am in love with this stuff and I went about recommending it to my friends and colleagues, and when I start spreading skincare secrets to my personal circle, you know it's a good thing.

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