The New Thing: Zara Quilted Messenger Bag




 Meet my new everyday bag. I needed a small, stylish bag that would go with most outfits and would carry all my daily necessities without being too bulky. In my opinion Zara does the best affordable bags, and I fell absolutely madly deeply in love with this bag when I first saw it. Despite that I waited a few months before I bit the bullet and actually bought it.

I remember being the happiest person when I received a large brown box at home with the Zara logo printed on top. This particular box held the famous office city bag. Quite massive and intense for my small frame, but the perfect size if I need to tote around my laptop, iPad, books and more stuff for school. I am still madly in love with the quality and the abundance of pockets. But it is just too big for everyday use, hence the new addition to my already massive bag collection.

The quality of this bag is superb. It's really sturdy and well put together. It's faux leather but I honestly wouldn't be able to tell the difference if held next to a genuine leather bag. The magnetic closures are really strong and very well attached, so those won't wear for a really long time.

The bag is available online and in Zara stores now, also available in a nice red shade. Excuse me while I go fill this baby with lip balms and hand-creams.


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