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When someone has as many beauty products as me it's kind of unfair to pick favorites. Every single tube and bottle deserves a little love. But that does not stop me from often reaching for the same things. Especially this week, because I have been feeling quite under the weather.

We all know that feeling when we are sick that we just want to claw our faces off when I put on anything other than skin care. Or is that just me? Foundation, blush, the whole shebang, it just feels toxic and suffocating when I am sick. So nothing has been on my face except a tiny bit of mascara and brows. Because brows are one of the most important features in a human face. My favorite brow product as of late is the Smashbox Brow Tech To Go. This pencil is a little different from most as it has an angular tip.

The angular tip makes it easy to be precise and draw in natural looking hairs. But it also makes it easy to fill in and darken the existing brow. Plus it lasts a long time helped by its waterproof properties and it comes with a built in clear brow gel that sets the brow in place but doesn't make it crusty or flaky. Because ew.

My mascara of choice has definitely been the Chanel Le Volumes de Chanel. Arguably not the best choice when your eyes are constantly watering, but it just makes your lashes look damn good.

My skin has been acting up over the last few weeks. A result of too much dairy and way too much caffeine, but I'm slowly getting it back to normal. Simple products without too much fuss that just do their jobs and that is it. I have definitely been enjoying the La Roche Posay Toleriance cleansing milk. It's really lovely and mild, fit for my sensitive irritated skin. To pack in some extra moisture I layer Hydraluron underneath my morning and night time cream. To get rid of any irritations, break outs, redness or clogged pores I use the amazing Parsley Seed masque from Aesop.

And last but not least is the ultimate French girl must have. Phyto's detox shampoo. To get rid of any leftover styling products and restore it to its natural glory. And it smells like mint and that is doing me so much good in this horrible time of stuffed noses and coughing fits.


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