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Usually I give a little roundup of my week in my Manicure Monday posts, but with the abundance of nail polish gracing the blog this December I decided to do a little roundup of all my Instagrams lately. I use Instagram every day. It's the app I open when I wake up, to look at all the great pictures of the people I follow. The app gives me fashion inspiration, DIY ideas and even ideas for this blog. But it's also the place where I document my life and thoughts. For the enjoyment of other people, but also as an online photo album for myself. I often find myself flicking through my older pictures to look back at some pretty great things. So without further a due, a pretty big roundup of all my recent pictures.

1. A gifted set of gorgeous smelling handmade body products are making my space smell beautiful 2. Miniature arm party 3. This healthy eating thing is really working out 4. Working on my blog post for this gorgeous palette 5. A little trip to IKEA resulted in a breakfast muffin and fresh fruit salad and a lot of throw pillows I didn't really need 6. Saw Catching Fire for the second time, loved it so much 7. My saddle was frozen, winter is really here. 8. My column on the introduction of Netflix in Tape Magazine 

9. Sushi with the mister is my favorite date, we do this at least once a month 10. This & Other Stories hand cream smells so amazing 11. Getting ready to start opening up the Ciaté Mani Month squares 12. Me time 13. Treated myself to some gorgeous lingerie. Truly the foundation of any great outfit 14. Intense retail therapy with my mommy 15. Morning skin care routine 16. Really interesting article on the damage bread does to your body  

17. After leaving my iPhone 4 in the train a few months ago, and hashing out with a constantly failing iPhone 3GS I finally returned to the proper smartphone family with a white iPhone 4S 18. Getting ready for our boyfriends' party 19. The boyfriend spinning at his own party 20. The tickets for our trip to Copenhagen are in, Scandinavia here we come 21. Torn jeans, leopard shoes and bright red lipstick, ready for a Nickelback concert 22. Five products one face 23. Lunch with the mister 24. Shot of an outfit post 25. Memories of Paris and the lock bridge where we made our love never ending 26. Eiffel Tower view at night from Trocadero, so much prettier in real life 27. Lunch with my colleagues, goat cheese, almonds and honey sandwhich 28. Stop, selfie time 29. High tea-ing with a gorgeous friend 30. Smiley cup from Starbucks made my day 31. Nuxe Reve de Miel is saving my lips at the moment 32. Got a new passport, ready to travel


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