The Stila Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette

Stila Color me Pretty lip and cheek palette

Stila Color me Pretty lip and cheek palette 2

Stila Color me Pretty lip and cheek palette swatches

In pretty much every wishlist I put up on this site I mentioned one of the Stila Convertible Colors. The cream based products that are suitable for both cheeks and lips, supposedly blend easily and leave a beautiful wash of color all day, they sounded like a dream come true. But I never pulled the trigger and put one of them in my shopping bag. Until I saw someone on Instagram posting a picture of the Color Me Pretty palette back in October. In one look I was in love, I even mentioned it in my Christmas Gift Guide, before I finished that post it was in my basket and paid for.

This palette holds five Convertible Color shades. A mix of the core bestselling shades and a limited edition shade. It's a good mix of peaches, pinks and tans, and the gorgeous champagne gold highlighter Kitten. It has a little something for every kind of makeup.

From left to right you have the LE shade Kitten, Peony, Gerbera, Rose and Petunia. All of these are incredibly creamy to touch and easily blend into the skin. I prefer using these on my cheeks rather than my lips as they feel a little too drying for me. That could just be because of the time of year, everything seems to be drying my skin at the moment. They are pretty shiny in the packaging but once on the skin they look a lot more matte, with the exception of Kitten of course, that one shines like a disco ball. The colors blend into the skin beautifully and leave a subtle natural flush, but this can be built up to a brighter more noticeable shade.

Kitten is the gorgeous champagne gold highlighter that you need to use a light hand with. Just a tiny bit can create a beautiful glow that will complete any holiday makeup look. Peony is a tan pink shade that looks really natural, I love it with a dark red lip. Gerbera is a cool toned peachy pink that looks really good with bold brows, thick lashes and slightly peach tinted lips. It's my favorite out of the palette. Rose is a pink-ish red that looks particularly great on fair skin tones. It gives you that Snow White flushed cheeks kind of look. And the last is Petunia a bright rosy pink that also looks great on the fairer complexions, great color payoff and perfect for everyday use.

What I love most about the Convertible Colors is that they are so easy to use, and they last a really long time as well. Just put on some tinted moisturizer or a lightweight foundation, pat on your shade of choice, curl the lashes and add mascara, et voila! An effortless makeup look that will get you through most days.

The Color Me Pretty palette is in the Stila Holiday 2013 collection and available right now. If you've wanted to try these products for a while and you want all the pretty shades plus a fantastic highlighter then I suggest you go and get it while you can.


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