The Mani Month: Day Six

Sugar Plum 1

Sugar Plum swatch

Ciaté really knows how to tempt a beauty lover into buying more. They made an advent calendar filled with nail polish, which honestly is the best idea ever. During the twenty four days leading up to Christmas I'll be opening up a square each day and showing you which Ciaté nail polish is hiding behind it.
Wow, we're on day number six already. It feels like the first week of December has gone away within one puff of breath. The temperatures are dropping and I'm basically cold all the time. School was hectic today as we needed to put together a new magazine and some of my colleagues seemed to have lost the meaning of the word deadline. But we got it done and I'm pretty proud of it.

For day number six I got Sugar Plum. A nice light lilac shade. I was quite amazed at the coverage. It looks perfect in just two coats, no third neccessary. My calendar is starting to look quite cozy with the squares open and the colorful surprises showing.

I hope tomorrow's color is just as nice as this one!


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