The Mani Month: Day Twenty-three

Cupids Arrow

Ciaté really knows how to tempt a beauty lover into buying more. They made an advent calendar filled with nail polish, which honestly is the best idea ever. During the twenty four days leading up to Christmas I'll be opening up a square each day and showing you which Ciaté nail polish is hiding behind it.

Another day, another square opened. And we got another caviar pearls bottle today this one is called 'Cupid's Arrow'. It has a mix of pink and lilac pearls and I think it will be great for a little girl who wants some bling on her nails. For me personally, still not a fan of the caviar trend.

One more day, girls, and then I'm an adult. And it also marks the end of twenty-four days of Ciaté Advent Calendar. Doing something like this really makes the month fly by because you have a task to do every single day.

Tonight Mike and I are attending a Christmas dinner with some friends. It's a bring your own food kind of party, and we are responsible for bringing an entree. I'm looking forward to seeing what the other couples have come up with. Have a lovely Monday girls, and you'll see the last polish tomorrow!


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