The Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Opal

The most purchased item in my collection is probably bases. I am easily sold on promising descriptions, especially when they promise to deliver glowing, radiant complexions. Despite the colder weather where most girls start reaching for the higher coverage matte products, I like my dewy skin. This particular foundation may have sold me on its name alone. Luminizing and moisturizing? Count me in. I stalked the Cult Beauty website for weeks before I finally bit the bullet and ordered myself a tube of the stuff.

And if there has ever been a product that delivers to its name, it’s this one. It is incredibly dewy to the point of a ‘lit from within’-glow. And moisturizing? Check that box as well because where other foundations seem to cling to the drier parts of my face, this foundation makes it looks like they weren’t even there in the first place.

The product is described as a moisturizing tint, but it certainly doesn’t lack on the coverage side. It easily covers redness around my nose and chin while producing some serious glow. But by all means, you don’t look like a glowworm with this one. It has sheen in all the right places.

It lasts a good eight hours on the skin, probably a little longer if you pair it with a primer and a good powder you can drag out a few more hours. I find that the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint works particularly well with the Stila Convertible Colors. They blend really nicely on this base, providing long lasting color.

My only little huff about this is that it is so incredibly difficult to get a hold of. I only know of Cult Beauty as a place that sells it, and there is no way of swatching the shades to get a good match. I checked out some other blogs and guessed that the shade ‘Opal’ would be closest to my skin, and luckily I was right. But if I had guessed wrong then I would have been stuck with a thirty pound tube of foundation that I had no use for.

Cult Beauty does have a set of four miniature sizes available. You could order that to determine what shade you are in and then pass along the others to friends that deviate in tone from you. But it just would be a whole lot nicer if there was a counter you could visit. If only to check out the other items that Jouer has to offer.

My base for the winter time is sorted. Get it here.


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