The Style Diary: All Black






faux fur gilet | EBAY
blazer | H&M
top | H&M
jeans | ZARA
bag | ZARA
heels | ZARA
glasses | CHEAP MONDAY

The first outfit of the new year, and also the first outfit shot with my new lens, and I love the effect this gives to my photograps. Mike made it clear that he likes helping me with these kind of posts so I hope that during this year we can start adding a lot more fashion to my blog. 

I'm wearing one of my go to outfits. All black is just incredibly easy to move around in and you never really look out of place. The faux fur gilet is just a little extra thing to add an injection of chic. The heels I am wearing are my current favorite pair. It closes up a little higher on the foot, which actually makes them much easier to walk in. 


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