The Weekly Favorites #4

Just a few more days and then Christmas break is over. To some that might be a sad thing, but I'm pretty excited to start my regular school schedule again. It's much more laid back than the days I'm putting in at work. Even though I haven't been spending a lot of time away from work, there are still a couple of favorites for me that made my week.

I ordered myself the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint as a birthday present and I am really glad I did. It's a lovely base that's true to its name, a full review will be posted tomorrow morning. But it's been my go to base the last week or so. I adore it. 

I'm putting in lots of hours at work so sometimes my usual combo of full lashes and a subtle blush doesn't work. Honestly I just look worn out after six hours. To fight this I've been putting on a little more makeup than usual. When I say a little I really mean just a little. I use the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold. It's subtle but gorgeous. It opens up the eyes and keeps me looking awake during work. 

I used a sample of the Chanel Chance perfume in the last week and I love how fresh and feminine it smells. I've never had a 'signature scent' before and I want to take some time trying one that really does it. But I know I'll have to try numerous ones before I commit 

When I was in Denmark I picked up the Tromborg lip cure. This little white tub of cream from Copenhagen holds one of the best lip products I have ever tried, instantly soothes and softens the delicate skin of the lips and doesn't feel sticky at all. This is both sad and amazing. Amazing because my lips haven't felt this good in a long time and sad because this is nearly impossible to get outside Scandinavia. 

A non-beauty favorite for this week is some tea. I've been loving the Rituals Rose Wisdom herbal tea blend. This is a ginger and rose tea that is meant to calm you down. I usually think this kind of stuff is mumbo jumbo, but drinking this at night before I tuck in for the night has helped quiet down the things rushing through my head. It also helps that it doesn't contain caffeine, so it helps me drift off faster as well.


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