The Much Needed Color Injection Wishlist

Color Injection wishlist

With so many blog posts going around about detoxing your life and rethinking your wardrobe for the new year I felt the need to go to my closet and rethink it. I ended up throwing out quite a few items and was shocked at how little color was left in my closet. My shelves and hangers are filled with black, white and grey. While making it extremely easy to get dressed in the morning, it's also a little boring. 

I want to add a bit more color to my life. Doing this by investing into quality pieces with a great statement color will also give me an incentive to wear them more often. I do the whole cost per wear thing, anyone else do this? I have some surprisingly low numbers hanging on my rail.

Above is a selection of items from high street fashion chains from the likes of H&M, Topschop, River Island and Missguided. Proving it can be done to get beautiful and chic pieces at the fraction of the designer pricetag. I'm particularly digging the yellow coat from H&M and the pvc skirt from Missguided. 


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