The Weekly Favorites #10

Weekly Beauty Favorites 010

Happy Valentine's Day/Single Awareness Day/Almost Huge Chocolate Sales Day, whatever it is you celebrate. Besides it being a 'holiday' it's also Friday, which means it's time for another favorites post. I think I'm coming down with something this week because as the days passed this week I gradually started hating the feeling of makeup on my skin. And when I am sick I can't stand anything on my face, as I just want to claw it all off.

But my weekly favorites wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Clarins Multi Blush in the shade Candy. I've literally worn it every single day this week. It really is the perfect shade and it lasts all day without you ever feeling it lying on top of your skin. The perfect cream blush formula, I'm telling you. Another makeup product that is virtually undetectable on your skin the L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint foundation. Incredibly light and still providing decent coverage. This type of foundation is revolutionary, and I've really warmed up to using it this week.

The favorites wouldn't be complete without some skincare. I've been trialing the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado for a couple of days and I'm loving it so far. I was dealing with some terrible dry spots on the outer corners of my eyes and the cream made them disappear overnight. The skin around my eyes is now incredibly moisturized and concealer just looks beautiful on it, rather than patchy as it did before.

I have entire inspiration folder full off hair inspiration. Mostly women with gorgeously chopped locks, styled in effortless waves, which makes me want to wear my hair down all of the time. But leaning over your iPad, taking notes during lectures and locks hanging around your face are just a combination that doesn't go well for me. I wear my hair pulled up into a high ponytail nearly every single day. To make this style look a little more interesting, I tease my hair at the root and right at the hairband. This gives the hair much more lift, and just takes it to another level.

You might not know this yet, but I am quite lazy. Especially when it comes to moisturizing my body every day. Vaseline was basically my hero when they came out with their turbo moisturizer last year. I pretty much burned through the cocoa one and now I am on to the 'essential moisture' kind. It has pure oat extract, but honestly that doesn't even matter. I love it because it moisturizes in seconds and I have no excuse to skip it at night.


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