The Monday Manicure #17



Another Monday, another manicure. I'm back at school and work this week and feel a bit more pressured into looking like I have my stuff together. A manicure is part of that, and even if my nails are super short and still on the thin side, they need a little TLC every now and again. 

This week I went for a simple but interesting design. One coat of the incredibly shiny and opaque black from American Apparel, with some subtle striping work done with Essie Blanc. I used a thin brush that I got in a set off eBay. 

At school we're doing a radio talk show this week, which basically means I'm up to my ears in prep work. Along with my physical therapy and shifts at the movie theatre, posts might be a little slow this week. I really want to get back into some sort of schedule, but it is proving to be a challenge. 

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday, if that is even possible. 

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