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Excuse the severe lack of posts recently, knee surgery isn't a picknick, and no one tells you about the effect general anesthesia has on a human body. For the last couple of weeks I've been irritable and tired, unable to concentrate on anything for more than ten minutes, and a whole list of other things I will be sure not to bother you with.

I thought it was time to add a little more lifestyle into the mix. After all, this blog is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle one. I just came back from a wonderful sunny lunch with the ladies from work. The weather was divine so we couldn't pass up on some authentic gelato from a brand new ice cream parlor in town.

My lunch consisted of a delicious corn roll topped with slightly melted goat cheese and a fig chutney. I love pairing goat cheese with sweet things like honey or figs. Choosing just two flavors when you are surrounded by tens of them surely is a challenge. But nothing beats a good scoop of forest fruit yoghurt and strawberry. They tasted wonderful and I surely will be going back to that gelato place again.

I'm busy studying for some midterms at the moment, but took a little break to write up this post, I'll try to resume to my normal blogging schedule this week. Starting tomorrow with a little spring centered manicure monday post.

Have a lovely Sunday, girls.


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