The Easter Chick Nails

The Easter Chick Nail Tutorial
With Easter just one sleep away, I thought it was more than appropriate to put together a little something to celebrate what the holiday is about for me. Pastel, chicks, eggs and a little too much chocolate. Easter seems to carry around this image of complete cuteness, and I thought this nail design was fitting.

I put together a short and sweet nail tutorial, as this design is incredibly easy, everyone can do it. I mean, if I can, anyone can. The shades I have used are between the brackets but of course you are free to substitute these for any other shades you own or prefer.

The Easter Chick Nail Tutorial 2

1. Paint one of your nails an opaque yellow shade (NYC Lexington Yellow) 2. Grab a white polish and a nail brush, or a white nail art pen/striper (Essie Blanc) 3. Create a zig zag edge on the yellow nail and fill it in with the white shade, this creates the resemblance of a cracked egg 4. Take a good opaque orange and a relatively small dotting tool 5. Create a small triangle as the chick's beak 6. With a black polish and another dotting tool create the chick's eyes. And then you're done.

You can repeat this on the rest of your nails or do like me and use a few springtime appropriate shades. A few simple dots in a contrasting color up the cuteness even further, if that's your thing. That's all, super easy and ridiculously cute. I'm ready for a big breakfast and a nice weekend with friends and family.

Happy easter everyone!


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