The Weekend Post #3

The Weekend Post 3 Carrot Cake

Easter Breakfast

Austenland Movie Still

Walking the dog

Ah, the long Easter weekend. The most carb laden weekend of the year. Mum went all out and baked so many amazing things. From scones, to brownies, to delicious carrot cake pictured up top. All covered with a healthy dose of cream cheese frosting, of course. This carbohydrate festival was thoroughly enjoyed by me and I'll get to do it all again tomorrow. Complete with spending a day with a friend from school and an amazing dinner at home to round off the Easter weekend.

On Saturday I settled at my desk and decided to watch one of the movies I had put away on my computer. I chose to watch Austenland. A movie about an American woman who is so obsessed with Pride & Prejudice that she rejects every man because he just isn't Mr. Darcy. She ends up going to this theme park in England that completely takes you to the Jane Austen era. I don't want to spoil too much but it's extremely funny and plot-twist after plot-twist leaves you reeling. The perfect mix between a romantic comedy and an indie flick.

We took our black lab Senna for a good walk today. He always loves running around chasing the tennis ball we throw. He was completely knackered after about a mile. The sun was shining brightly and we enjoyed our afternoon outside. I wish all weekends were like this. Have a lovely Easter, everyone.


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