The Weekly Favorites #12

Weekly Favorites edition 12

This installment has been missing for a little while, but today I thought the time was ripe to show some of my recent favorite products. There is a number of items that I find myself reaching for every single day in the last two weeks, and therefore they deserve a little lovin' in the form of a feature in this category.

Mentioned last week in my new skincare additions post, this new gel cleanser from Mario Badescu I have been trialing has been blooming fantastic. From the inventive lid that squeezes out just the right amount of product to the way it thoroughly cleans my skin without stripping it. It's all really good. It smells fresh and leaves my face looking and feeling radiant. This Enzyme Cleansing Gel is a winner, and it's only fifteen euros.

Earlier this week I wrote about my obsession with neutral toned polishes, and the above pictured Essie shade Master Plan is the crown and glory of my collection. I'm rapidly going through the bottle I own and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be repurchasing when this one runs out.

The Origins GinZing moisturizer has been seen quite a few times on here, and with right. I'm nearing the end of my little tub and I'm still considering whether or not I'm going to get another one. I like the way this really picks up the skin, it brightens it and injects a good amount of hydration. But sometimes I feel like it isn't enough, so maybe I'll get on the market looking for something with extra moisture.

A few weeks ago I walked into my favorite beauty store and treated myself to an Anastasia Brow Treatment. My crazy caterpillar brows got waxed and tweezed back into shape and after testing a few products in the store I decided to get the Brow Wiz pencil so I can fill in my brows on a daily basis. It's super thin and easy to use. It creates a really natural effect in the brow and even the little comb on the end is brilliant. I adore it.

My skin has been behaving so much better over the last few weeks. I only wear a thin layer of foundation on days I'm going out. Any little red spots or marked are easily concealed by the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. The shading in this range is a little off, but this one works for me. It also lasts hours and hours, but nevertheless I always chuck it in my bag for any touch ups during the day.


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