The Monday Manicure #19

Neutral Polish edit

I'd say that bold colors get the same amount of air time on this blog as neutral shades. However, in real life that is actually not the case. Bold colors are lovely, and I really do like wearing them. But I often feel like neutral shades are the better choice. There is something effortless, chic and sophisticated about them. They're impossible to get wrong and match whatever you put on, whether it's a formal dress or jeans and a t-shirt. Neutral is the way to go.

Of course this means I have accumulated quite the collection. All in the spirit of the blog, naturally. With about twenty neutral polishes in my possession I undoubtedly have my favorites. For this week's Monday Manicure I decided to line them up and present them to you.

Essie do the best shades in the nail varnish world, period. So naturally a few of their shades have to be featured in this. The neutral shade I have most recently purchased is 'Master Plan', pictured on the far right in the Essie bottle row. I first saw this on Suzie's blog Hello October. She wrote about it and called it a taupe-y grey with a really subtle hint of lilac. To me it is the perfect shade. Easy and chic and always has people asking what shade of polish you are wearing.

Another offering from Essie is probably one of their most blogged about colors. Chinchilly is a bit darker and moodier than Master Plan. It is pictured on the left of the Essie row. I often hear people describing this as the perfect color. An amazing taupe color that looks great on everyone I have seen wearing it. I reach for this when I want something a bit more interesting and dark, but don't want to reach for the navies or blacks just yet.

A lot lighter than both the colors mentioned before is Limo-scene. Apart from having one of the cutest names in the Essie collection. Last week I professed my love for sheer pastel pinks, and Limo-scene is definitely one that fits into that image. It needs two to three layers to get a bit of opacity in it, but when you do it looks beautiful and feminine.

It's been a while since I last mentioned and OPI Nail Lacquer on here, and I have to admit I have kind of gone off buying them. I much prefer Essie's color selection and formula, and it's cheaper as well. But back when I did buy those iconic bottles, I picked up Tickle My France-y. A mauve taupe that looks ten times better on the nails than it does in the bottle. It's one of those fail safe colors that I just think everyone needs.

ANNY is a German brand that is relatively unknown outside of mainland Europe, but really deserves more airtime. The shade pictured above is Makeup. The perfect skin tone matching nude polish. Sadly it has gone a little thick and gloopy, but it's probably just out of date (I've had it for a year and a half). Their collection of colors is really extensive and there is a perfect nude for everyone. I hope to see this brand on other people's blogs in the near future.


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