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I'm now redubbing last week's Sunday Post to a Weekend post. Because sometimes, I do something fun on Saturday as well. The boyfriend had a DJ gig on Friday night so I went out to a club for the first time in months. I think New Years was the last time I went.. As far as the knee goes it was pretty tough and I went back home right after his set was over to prevent any swelling and issues the following days.

Mike slept in on Saturday so I lounged around and started reading a new book. Emma's Table by writer Philip Galanes. I have to be quite honest and admit that I threw it into my basket because the cup cakes on the front, before I even read the back of it. The first couple of chapter seem entertaining enough. I'll report back with a full review.

Saturday night I worked a shift at the movie theater before returning back to my man waiting at home. Sadly we couldn't have Sunday morning breakfast together because he had to be at the tennis club early to start this year's competition. I'm spending my Sunday afternoon reading, watching YouTube videos and browsing Tumblr for more fun phone backgrouns. Although I do feel like breaking out into song every time I look at this one..


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