Meet Marilyn and Me At Coral Island


I am becoming a great fan of the 'accent nail', especially since I hardly wear any jewelry on my hands. And this combination seemed rather nice to me. The gorgeous coral polish is from Catrice and it is called 'Meet Me At Coral Island', I love the creamy-ness of it. Gorgeous on most skintones. The red polish infused with tiny red particles of glitter is called 'Marilyn & Me', also from Catrice.

I bought 'Marilyn & Me' originally for Valentine's Day, but at the time I was still sporting the single glitter nail, and I didn't want to go through the hassle of removing all that glitter. And wearing the two different types of glitter nails would just be too much. I ended up pairing the silver glitter nail with an ANNY nail polish in 'True Love', seems fitting for the occasion. right?

But now seems like the perfect time to wear it in combination with this coral. I think I am really pleased with this look.


I do fear that the viking is right. I really do spend too much time on my nails.

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  1. Anonymous24/2/12 21:07

    So typically that comment of the viking.. If I had the time I would do my nails everyday!
    Love the colors btw!